Spring City-wide Registration

Melfort City Wide Spring Registration NIght will be held Wednesday April 5, 2017, in the NLP Lobby from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  Brochures are available at City Hall, the Kerry Vickar Centre and the Northern Lights Palace Pool.  Click here to view the online Spring City-wide Brochure.

[Wed, April 5]
McDonald's Restaurants Coming to Stone Gate Shopping Centre

McDonald's Restaurants has purchased land in the Stone Gate Shopping Centre. The familiar site of the golden arches will be seen as you drive into the City of Melfort in the future.


Bylaw Reminder - Unlicensed Vehicles

Traffic Bylaw 2007-21 Section 41 States:
“41. Parking of Unlicensed Vehicles:
No motor vehicle shall be parked on a public highway (city streets) unless it is displaying plates that are current.
Definition of:    
- Highway means a highway as defined in The Traffic Safety Act
- Street or Avenue shall mean that portion of a public highway lying between curbs where constructed and intended primarily for the use by vehicles, or where no curb exists, that portion of a public highway intended for use by vehicles.”
The City appreciates your assistance in this matter.
Bylaw Enforcement Branch
City of Melfort