Culture Fest Melfort 2017

Celebrate Culture Days at Culture Fest Melfort!
Saturday, September 30, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Kerry Vickar Centre

[Sat, Sept 30]
Dutch Elm Disease Detected in City

Be advised that Dutch elm disease has been detected in the City of Melfort. The City is now undertaking the process of removing infected trees and firewood.

NLP Pool Maintenance Shutdown

The Northern Lights Palace Pool will be closed for seasonal maintenance from Monday, September 11th to Sunday, October 1, 2017, with reopening scheduled for Monday, October 2nd.

[Mon, Sept 11]
Celebrate Canada 150 All Year!

Canada Day may be over, but we are still celebrating Canada 150 all year!  Show your Canadian spirit with a Canada 150 T-Shirt.  Available for $15.00 at the Melfort & District Museum for a limited time only.  Call 306-752-5870 for information.


History of the Main Arena

According to the local newspaper of that time, it was said to have had the visions of seeing many gladiatorial contests for hockey supremacy of Saskatchewan.  In 1969, renovations were completed with an addition erected in 1970.
This facility has operated from that era to today. It has been beneficial to our City and plays host to Minor Hockey, Figure Skating and Recreation Hockey during the winter months. In 2007, the potential life expectancy of the arena was deemed to have more than 15 years. The arena at that time had some renovations done to facilitate the damages on the Atco trailer and to paint and prime the exterior to refresh the building. 
Moving forward to spring 2014, the damage done to the building from deterioration of the roof structure has caused areas of concern. The flat roof portion of the building has withstood several patches over the years to remediate the issues of leakage. An RFP was tendered out in May to replace the flat roof surface as well as the dome roof. The tender came back from a reputable company at a cost of $85,000 for the flat roof and $350,000 for the dome roof. Discussions were led on this subject however no decision was confirmed to proceed with the repairs at that time.
At the end of the summer season, a report from the City of Melfort’s Building Official was given to the Community Services Department on the Main Arena. In the report, concerns were presented in the moisture level entering the roof system, such as the Compressor Room, the main lobby area, the furnace room and the Electrical room. Each area that was investigated determined that there was a strong smell of mold. Additional inspections determined that the Compressor room showed excess deterioration within that room as well as the Electrical room. With the level of deterioration of the facility, the Building Official deemed the facility to be unsafe for public use. He further recommended we contact our local Public Health Officer to complete his own investigation.
September 18, 2014, our local Public Health inspector conducted his investigation on the Main Arena. It was determined that an air quality test be taken for the potential level of black mold and asbestos in the air. Mr. Robert F. Smith from R.S. Management Services, conducted an air quality test of the facility on September 22. Test results have come back positive for asbestos in the walls. No contamination of the air has been compromised by the asbestos. Confirmation of the toxicity level of the air quality due to the black mold will be arriving in approximately ten days from the date of collection. To remediate the building from black mold and asbestos is an estimated cost of $31,250.
A meeting commenced with the City of Melfort’s Occupational Health and Safety Committee on the status of the arena. This was in addition to the two reports given to the Department by the Public Health Inspector and the City Building Official. The OH & S committee verified the statements by both officials. 
On September 24, Council of the Whole Committee met to discuss the issue of the facility. Two areas of recommendations were made by Council and voted on. Do we repair what we can to the facility and open it this year? Or do we close the facility and move forward with the potential for a future facility? Council decided based on the reports before them that in an effort to ensure the public safety of its residents and become proactive in their quest for future growth, that they would close the facility. 
Restructuring is being done to accommodate the user groups at the Northern Lights Palace. We are also in contact with our outer lying municipal counterparts to utilize their ice time.