Notice of SAMA Open House

Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) will be conducting an open house on Wednesday, June 7, 2017, at City Hall to meet individually with property owners to discuss their assessment.

[Wed June 7]
2017 Budget Release

The 2017 budget was a challenging budget requiring difficult decisions to be made to balance the budget while ensuring key programs such as infrastructure maintenance and repair and the transfer to infrastructure replacement are not compromised.

Melfort Skatepark

Quick facts about the Skatepark development process

·         June, 2016:  Council approves Phase 1 of the Spruce Haven Park Development, which includes a budget of $720,700 for the construction of a Skatepark and site servicing. See:  Press Release 

·         July, 2016:  An RFP is issued for the Skatepark Design and Development, which is awarded to New Line Skateparks Inc.


Spring Thaw Preparation

The City of Melfort has been preparing for the spring melt and working to minimize the impact the spring runoff will have.  We encourage residents to guard against spring melt in their basements.  Here are some tips to help you stay dry:

1.  Shovel or remove snow from around your home and move it to a position where melt water will drain away from the foundation.  This will help melt water drain into the appropriate system and possibly relieve pressure on waste water systems.

2.  Clear channels in the ice/snow to allow melt water to drain away more effectively from your home.

3.  Ensure downspouts are extended so they discharge rain or melt water a minimum of two meters distance from your home to avoid it draining back towards your foundation.

4.  Check to make sure your sump pump is working.  If you don't have a sump pump, consider installing one.  Contact a plumber for assistance, if required.

5.  Consider installing a mainline Sewer Backwater Valve to protect against sewer backup.

6.  Keep basement sewer caps in place.

7.  Check your basement regularly for signs of water and consider installing a water-sensing alarm.

If you have any questions, please call the City of Melfort at 752-5911.