PLUS Industries invites you to visit their new website

The Board of Directors, staff, and participants of PLUS Industries are excited to announce the release of our new website. We invite everyone to visit our website and take a virtual tour of the people, programs, and places that are part of our organization.  Enter our online Website Contest - two lucky winners will win a $100 gift certificate.  Entry deadline is November 30, 2017.  Visit: 

New Landfill Hours

Please be advised that effective Tuesday, November 14th, the hours at the City Landfill will be changing to 9:30 am - 5:15 pm, Monday to Saturday. 

[Tues, Nov 14]
Historic Post Office Window Restoration Project

The Melfort Preservation and Rehabilitation Committee is continuing conservation and restoration of the Melfort Historic Post Office with the removal and repair or replacement of all windows on the main floor of the building.  Have your name engraved on a heritage postal box...a tax deductible legacy gift for family and friends.


Spruce Haven Park Development commences in 2016

MELFORT (June 21, 2016) - The City of Melfort is pleased to announce the approval of a construction plan and financing for the new Spruce Haven Park Recreation Area. The Phase 1 construction plan, estimated at $10.3 million, calls for the development of a skate park, washroom, water stations and skating arena to be constructed over the next five years.   This development will provide Melfort residents and visitors with new recreational opportunities that will enhance their well-being and, in turn, will support the new Play Melfort brand.
The approved construction plan will see the installation of water/sewer and temporary power in 2016, Skate Park and roadways in 2017, washroom and water stations in 2018 and a skating arena and parking lot paving commencing in 2021. This plan will be funded by internal borrowing from City reserves. With a five year phase in, the project becomes more manageable from a finance perspective and results in cost savings by deferring facility operating and capital costs. Future plans, for this area, will see the installation of two soccer pitches, walking paths, and a spray park.
Melfort City Council had reviewed a number of financing options and construction phase in plans prior to choosing this option. The intention of this plan is to provide quality recreational services along with managing the City’s finances to ensure completion of necessary capital infrastructure projects with a focus on maintaining adequate levels of service with minimal tax increases for Melfort residents. 
The City will immediately begin the process for engineering and design of the area along with preparing tenders for the installation of sewer/water and power to the site with an estimated cost of $2.3 million. In addition, a Request for Proposals will be prepared for the development of a $721,000 Skate Park with construction expected to start spring of 2017. 
For more information contact:
Teri Scaife, Director of Community Services
Phone: (306) 752-5911