PLUS Industries invites you to visit their new website

The Board of Directors, staff, and participants of PLUS Industries are excited to announce the release of our new website. We invite everyone to visit our website and take a virtual tour of the people, programs, and places that are part of our organization.  Enter our online Website Contest - two lucky winners will win a $100 gift certificate.  Entry deadline is November 30, 2017.  Visit: 

New Landfill Hours

Please be advised that effective Tuesday, November 14th, the hours at the City Landfill will be changing to 9:30 am - 5:15 pm, Monday to Saturday. 

[Tues, Nov 14]
Historic Post Office Window Restoration Project

The Melfort Preservation and Rehabilitation Committee is continuing conservation and restoration of the Melfort Historic Post Office with the removal and repair or replacement of all windows on the main floor of the building.  Have your name engraved on a heritage postal box...a tax deductible legacy gift for family and friends.


The Director of Planning, Development, and Leisure Services directly administers the application of the Basic Planning Statement and Zoning Bylaw to ensure the coordinated development of the community. The Director collaborates with the Building Official to administer the provisions of the Zoning Bylaw including Development Permits amendments, discretionary use applications, and minor variances.

Building inspections are performed and development permits are issued through the Building Official’s office. The City Building Official ensures compliance with the National Building Code provisions and local bylaws. Businesses and home owners in contravention of local bylaws and standards will be served orders to ensure the community maintains a safe, healthy environment.
The City of Melfort administers a number of different licenses and permits for local residents and businesses. New businesses will apply for a business license at City Hall. The City also requires licenses and permits for dog and cat owners, individuals wishing to have backyard fire pits, or organizations wishing to organize a lottery or raffle.

In addition, the City of Melfort maintains an inventory of commercial and residential property for sale to prospective home owners and businesses.

Director of Community Services
Herb Marshall, Building Official
Box 2230
Melfort, SK S0E 1A0
Phone: (306) 752-5911
Fax: (306) 752-5556